by Isbjörg

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The debut EP by danish progrockers Isbjörg.


released January 22, 2016

All songs written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Isbjörg.
Cover artwork by Daney Ísbjörg Helgadóttir.



all rights reserved


Isbjörg Denmark

In Isbjörg's universe, creativity is key. The music ranges from quiet, atmospheric passages, over grand, epic choruses, to the heavy hitting and even chaotic moments. The music is held together by the distinct and dynamic use of piano as both lead and supporting instrument in the quiet as well as the heavy parts. ... more

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Track Name: Disdain
I fed you lies, a chest of stone
I caught the skies while you were stuck at home
With breaststrokes made of tears I turn your crying into art
I want to tell you, but I don’t know where to start

Keep on trying
Keep on lying

It seems like it is easier to see it from afar

Lay down your arms, you feel
you’re losing control, the words are wrong
Freeing disdain, a tear in the rain
Invicible flaws
Come out and repent
Try again

I began to lay down my arms
I began to lay down my arms
I know…
I know…
Track Name: Engulfed (Selfsea)
If I could find a a way
Soon the stream will lead astray
Too close to you
Cease dismay
I told you so

I could sail away
I could make my dreams come true
Not holding you
Face to face
Drown ego

By water
Breath by breath we share
Coming up for air
But I know we could turn this ship around
Together we could make it work
But will this water drown me
I’m tired, of swimming in the dark

I could sail away
if it would make my dreams come true
Go lower
Face to face
With ego

If I could find a way
There’s nothing left to do
to keep me at bay
and suffocate
Drown ego

Maybe we could start it over
Don’t say you wouldn’t try again
But still this torrent takes me
And I can’t hold my breath for long

Just stay with me now
When I’m out of breath
Just breathe with me now
As my lungs collapse
Just stay with me now
As I suffocate
Out of breath

Never meant to be
Just stay away from me
Don’t you see
A friend or a foe
I told you so
Track Name: As Lies In Disguise
Back off and put a bullet in both ends
Or come forth and forget what you been told
March on to the end of the road
Leave a trail of blood in the snow

Sometimes God likes to enjoy himself
Sometimes history repeats itself
Does he see it all happening
Does he feel the adrenaline

March on to the end of the world
Walk to your conclusion

Sometimes God likes to enjoy the show
Sometimes he laughs at the sludge below
Does he see it all happening
Does he feel my adrenaline

Give them the light
Show them the night is long, March on
Give them a fight to remember
Dusk to dawn, March on

Truth suffice as lies in disguise
Walk with me to the land of unknown
Lead on to the end of a life
I’ll see you all when I die

Act according to the prophecy
This is written, this is destiny
Will he purge me of all my sins?
Does he feel my adrenaline?

Open my eyes
Maybe the path is wrong, march on
Help me decide, I’m ready now
Unbroken, march on

You’ve opened my eyes
Take me away from here, march on
Caught in the fire, ready now
Walk with me, march on
Track Name: A Fragile Peace
I tore down walls
As worlds collide, the lines are tightening
It’s frightening
Gaze into the light I bloomed in awe
I built it all
Brick by brick of stone
To live from spring to fall

I still need more
It’s a fragile peace, to grow in, split open and
Crack the sky and let the stars come down
It’s not enough
Drain the night and drink the seas, I try to stop
I think I’ll open up
And swallow the earth

Swallow the earth
Tear me down,
Take this life away

So tear me down
Take this life away

This will never be the same
This will never be the same
Watch me drown the sun